Journey Out

We are the organization on the forefront in the tough fight to help women and girls in Los Angeles become successful survivors of commercial sexual exploitation. The journey out of such abusive and violent situations is a difficult one, especially because the women involved have often been subjected to abuse since childhood – they are truly “the girls that got left behind.” Every woman or girl we have served over the last 34 years is an illustration of the contribution we make to the fabric of our communities and to the ever-growing movement to end sexual exploitation.

We are known for our tenacity and heart. We are fearless in our commitment to helping and guiding those who want to make the difficult journey to a new and better life. We offer the kind of structure and compassion that both motivates and nurtures. We provide a refuge of multi-faceted services that can help at any step along the path to starting over and rebuilding. And, we do not give up the fight – for the countless women and girls in need – or the fight against the horrific realities of exploitation and abuse.